Long time no LJ

I think my paid membership at LiveJournal may have lapsed, taking away some of the RSS features I was using to stay in touch with my old small friends community. I'd still like to port my LJ entries over to X-POLLEN or into some yet undetermined system like textpattern of ftrain. Need to simplify.

Paid LJ users can add my new blog as a friend

markpasc set up a RSS channel at that will mirror all my posts to my new blog. Now I just need to add the RSS feed for my friends page (if it exists) to my Radio Userland aggregator and I will continue to have the same circle of friends in my new technological wrapper.

The software shouldn't matter so much. It shouldn't be so political. Migrating should be easy. Data wants to be free (to move).
one last thing

Lost our lease

I'm afraid LiveJournal friends, that I'll be vacating this little corner bodega sometime soon, having relocated the locus of my personal blogging to a MovableType-powered blog called X-POLLEN.

I will try to do a number of things:
  1. Import all my bodega entries into x-pollen (then i may go back and import still breathing and breathing room some day as well).

  2. Try to get this blog or a new one in LJ land to mirror the x-pollen blog or figure out how my friends can add the the RSS feed for x-pollen to their LJ friends lists. I don't want to lose any friends by doing this—I'm already giving up threaded comments

  3. Make sure there is an easy way to get to x-pollen from this blog for old-time readers who may stop by to visit from time to time.

The move will probably take some time to complete, but I have already begun posting to the new blog, so I can't promise there will be much more here besides probably news about the move and its progress.

In other xian blog news, I have moved Radio Free Blogistan from to .

Lots of fun stuff going on in my little microcontent universe. Nanocontent?

veriSign / netsol evil

this new two-tiered password scheme of netsol's, surely it is designed primarily to once again entangle passive Internet domain holders into staying with verisign out of inertia or, short of that, stuck like flypaper to the new authentication scheme until the inevitable renewal deadline passes.

what is the easiest way to get all of my netsol domains transferred en masse to my preferred (or any other) domain-name registration provider?
breakfast of champions

Things that won't get done today

review tapers addendum for dead letters magazine
finish installing pmachine
install and test rss monkey
set up godetia and wildflowertrips domains for b
set up virtuser mail forwarding for
send book promised to friend
make household budget
plan/prepare for moving site root to
*set up rss monkey*
learn opml
final notes on j-school panel
jump menu for sidelists
rush to judgement
don't know if suexec or cgiwrap available <==figure out!
Please Notify in my event log. Does that mean rss feed received? How notify?
possible to do e-mail list, just send summaries?
Also, how about "Mail this entry..."
kung-log for MT
make blog books page, link from masthead
make colophon
. typography
. software, radio, dreamweaver, fireworks, textedit, palm desktop, eudora, ie, mozilla, opera, omniweb, netscape
. hardware: mac, speakers, camera, handspring visor, pen and paper
PEP is my codename for my dream application, the Personal Expression Platform
start blog directory process
include blog reviews
blog books
required reading
by tool
respond to blog-related e-mail
try out manila
consider bbCMS for ezone/thedeadbeat/mediajunkie/memewatch
Type design, bold vs italics vs quot marks, not having a style sheet or set design, semantic <strong>? it's more like <span class="thoughts"> and defining that to look italic? accessibility and standards sometimes feel like an infinite regress
people have died of exposure
turing test for spam arrest
q: how to use short listings in rss feed instead of entire post?
abude brazil ins story meme

Dylan rocked the Greek, yea verily

...and mightily he smote them. the rumored covers (Zevon's "Accidentally Like a Martyr," "Brown Sugar," Neil Young's "Old Man"), the reinterps of classics (just like a woMan, i ain't ME babe), the recent material rousing the audience (Summer Days with its Charlie Christian, Django, old-timey feel with Charlie Sexton and Larry Campbell trading eights in their long maroon zoot suits looking reet pleet), the Berkeley crowd cheering that line "Even the president of the United States must sometimes stand naked" in "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding," the everlasting resonance of the lonesome death of Hattie Carroll. Now is the time for your tears. Business they drink my wine... Money doesn't talk, it swears.

Scans of notes and sketches to follow.

The (other) mouse that roared

From Court News and Monster Weirdo come this report by DeVon Nolt of a lawsuit against Pixar and Disney on the part of Stanley "Mouse" Miller:

The lead characters of the movie Monsters, Inc. were illegally copied from characters drawn by cartoonist Stanley Miller in the early 1960's, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California against Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios, Inc., the producers of the movie. ... Disney and Pixar allegedly came into contact with Miller's work in 1997, when they reviewed a treatment for an animated movie Miller had proposed.